Overall Benefits

Unilok provide a number of features which make all Unilok products stand out from the rest. Such devices include hydrostatic transmission, lift and turn platforms, polyurethane rail tyres for optimum traction, optional remote control functionality.

Weight Equalizing Coupler
High Friction Rail Tyres
Hydrostatic Transmission
Remote Control
Step On / Step Off
Service and Spare Parts
Made to Order
Shunting Principles

Moving rail cars requires engineering solutions that ensure that the effort being generated is not wasted. Additionally, moving to the rail cars location, quickly and easily, is important...

Drawbar Pull
Power and Design
Torque and Horsepower
Tractive Effort
Unilok Principles

At 1/3 or less than the cost of conventional shunter locomotives, Uniloks provide significant cost savings even before counting the savings in the money you don't have to spend on complex yard layouts.

Pulling Power
Simplicity of Design
Long Dependable Service Life
Step On/Step Off

The Unilok lift and turn platform is a device whereby the machine may be lifted on rail or road and rotated through 360 degrees. [Watch Movie]