E-55 Road / Rail Shunter

Power to Move
The Unilok model E-55 is the original non-weight transfer shunter that optimises pulling power on the rails. It is built in several versions for versatility. The machine can travel off rail on either paved or rough terrain.

Maximum Tractive Effort: 8,500 kg
Weight: Up to 12,000 kg
Engine: Deutz BF4M 1013C water cooled diesel engine.
103kW (140 hp)
Transmission: Automatic hydrostatic speed controlled forward /reverse all wheel chain drive with shaft drive to rear road wheels. Limited slip differential fitted.
Braking System:

Disc and dynamic braking with separate parking brake.
Train air brake system fitted.

Rail Gauge: All gauges between 960mm and 1676mm.
E-55_pic2.jpg E-55_pic3.jpg E-55_pic4.jpg