C-55s Tracktronic Series

C-55s Tracktronic Rail Only Shunter
This Rail only shunter has all the advantages of the E55s Tracktronic unit in rail mode. The hydrostatic drive and tracktronic control provides the ability to move heavy loads with precision and accuracy. This shunter can be fitted with Remote Control for optimum efficiency of the site operation.

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Maximum Tractive Effort: 12,500 kg
Weight:  23,500 kg on steel rail wheels
17,500 kg on polyeurethane rail wheels
Engine:   Option 1: Deutz BF6M 2012C water cooled diesel engine.
140kW (190 hp), 743Nm @1500rpm
Option 2: Deutz BF6M 1013EC water cooled diesel engine
174 kW (234 hp)
Transmission:   Full automatic hydrostatic drive transmission
Process controlled antispin system for maximum traction.
Tracktronic speed control with inching function
Braking:     Failsafe spring applied pressure released oil immersed disc brakes mounted on each wheel gearbox.
Parking Brake on deadman’s switch.
Separate Train airbrake high volume quick release system
Rail Gauge:  All rail gauges from 960mm to 1,676mm
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