Cost Benefit
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Cost Benefit

The capital cost of a Unilok, is one third that of an equivalent locomotive, while its operating and maintenance costs are comparible with those of a forklift.
Average fuel consumption is 6-7 litres per hour.

A Unilok will perform the duties of a locomotive many times its weight at a fraction of the cost. The friction factor of rubber or polyurethane rail tyres on rail is up to three times that of conventional steel wheels. Consequently, the Unilok will equal or surpass a conventional locomotive three times its weight
Ease of Maintenance
Each machine is designed with maintenance accessibility in mind. No special skills or tools are needed for repair and maintenance. Any diesel mechanic familiar with forklift maintenance will be able to service a Unilok.
Ease of Operation
Uniloks are simple to operate on and off rail. Anyone capable of operating a fork-lift will easily adapt to handling a Unilok.