Overall Benefits

Weight Equalizing Coupler

Weight Transfer Machines Only
This unique and patented device incorporates the Unilok pivoted weight equalizing coupler. The weight floats vertically, slides horizontally and rotates on its platform giving optimum weight transfer and distribution to all four driving wheels, whether the machines is pulling or pushing, even on tight curves.


The Unilok Lift and Turn Platform is a device whereby the machine may be lifted on rail or road and rotated within its own length through 360 degrees. This feature is especially useful for machines operating in restricted areas and for going-on and off-rail on unprepared ground.

High Traction Rail Wheels

Specially developed polyurethane and rubber rail tyres provide the highest possible traction co-efficent in all conditions. Unilok tyres are tried and tested in all climates and environments, and have been developed in conjunction with Europe's leading tyre manufacturers.

Hydrostatic Transmission

Advanced automatic transmission on road and rail gives the unilok an infinitely variable speed range. Electronic sensing eliminates wheel spin and maximises overall efficiency.

Tracktronic Control

Engine and transmission performance are electronically controlled allowing the driver maximum flexibility in speed control and inching function.


Failsafe applied pressure released oil immersed disc brakes mounted on each wheel gearbox drive.
Hydrostatic braking through decelerating hydraulic system
Emergency and parking brake fitted on Deadman’s switch.
Separate wagon airbrake on high volume quick release system.

Remote Control

An integrated Remote Control system is available allowing economical and safe manoeuvering of wagons. All main driver functions are controlled allowing complete accuracy with the inching operation of railcar positioning.

Step On / Step Off

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Service and Spare Parts

Unilokomotive has 60 years experience in supplying our equipment around the world. We understand how important spare parts availability and service is. We pride ourselves both on reliability of our machines, and the efficiency of our experienced and quick service. Uniloks are constructed using standard proprietary components for engine, transmission, hydrostatics and hydraulics, so sourcing replacement parts can usually be carried out locally, anywhere in the world. Each Unilok is fully supported with parts and technical service. A comprehensive inventory of spare parts guarantees quick shipping of most replacements, should they be required. Unilokomotive specialists are available for training, commissioning and after sales service. From our Headquarters base in Ireland and through local technical service agents, we offer prompt service to all regions of the world.

Made to Order

Unilokomotive appreciates that your particular needs may be unique. All standard Unilok Models can be made to suit individual specification. The Unilok engineers work hand in hand with our clients to ensure we build the machine that best suits your needs. The Unilok can be fitted with any of the 50 different coupler types in the world including the European U.I.C. hook and buffer coupler and the North American AAR coupler. These can either be manual or remote control. The Unilok can be fitted to any track gauge from the narrow gauge 960 mm, standard gauge 1435mm to the broad gauges of 1676mm, as well as everything in between.
In addition many types of optional equipment can be fitted including:

  • Personnel Carrier
  • Access Platform
  • Hydraulic Crane
  • Road Sweeper
  • Snow Plough
  • Explosion Proofing
  • Emissions control
  • Noise Encapsulation
  • Air conditioning
  • Dead man's vigilance device
  • Electromagnetic track brake

Unilok also offers its customers a wide range of choice of engines including Deutz, Perkins, and Cummins, depending upon requirements with a choice of water or air cooled versions.