About Unilok

Unilokomotive Limited manufactures the Unilok road / rail wagon mover or shunting locomotive used for moving railway wagons, carriages or locomotives. Uniloks are not truck conversions, but purpose built rail yard workhorses that travel as easily on road as on rail. Uniloks carry out shunting tasks that locomotives 4 to 5 times there weight would do, but with greater mobility and at a fraction of the cost.

Unilokomotive Ltd. developed its first road / rail wagon mover 60 years ago. Since our beginning, we have been designing and building Rail Shunters that are one of the most efficient, versatile, cost-effective machines on the market. Today, there are over 2,500 Uniloks in over 80 countries, from port terminals in the Russian Artic, to cement plants in the Malaysian tropics, to train and carriage repair facilities in the UK.

Uniloks can move loads of up to 2,000 tonnes across a full range of operational speeds with standard design features like:

  • High traction poly-steel rail wheels
  • Hydrostatic all-wheel rail drive.
  • Tracktronic inching control.
  • Hydraulic turntable to turn through 360 degrees on or off the rail
  • Weight transfer and equalising coupler (E-125s, E-125 and D-125 models).
  • Remote control
  • Economy of operating cost
  • Ease of operation
  • Long dependable service life

The result is a solid product, requiring minimal maintenance, with significantly lower operational and capital costs; just what you would expect from a company with one of the longest histories in road / rail shunting.

Enterprise Ireland Research & Development (R&D)

Project Description:

R&D initiatives in this company are co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020. 


To develop a battery powered shunter to satisfy the global market and environmental demands, and to complement the Unilok range of diesel powered units.


A new innovative battery powered road/rail shunter is in the process of being developed. 


Enterprise Ireland Capital Investment Initiative (CII)

Project Description:

The project consisted of the procurement and installation of a press brake and a gantry crane on the factory floor to ensure production of quality product parts, and the specialised handling equipment will efficiently facilitate final assembly of the shunting locomotives.


1) Help achieve overall Business Strategy by improving the quality of the  finished product.

2) Competitive pricing. The state of the art machinery allows for  manufacture of parts and material handling and assembly of the machines, improved efficiency, and an increase in product throughput.

3) To have a positive effect on turnover and on the company's competitiveness.

4) Harness the intended advantages of precision, repeatability and increased labour efficiency.


1) Increase in product throughput, with reduced labout input.

2) Increase in precision, repeatability, labour efficiency and production output.

3) Improved quality of finished component \ product.

4) Increased efficiency in the production process.

5) Improved safety.